Control your finances.
Spend less.
Gorgeous and very helpful. Thank you!
Robin M.
The app provides all required features for an expense tracker and looks really good.
Tom C.
Spender is a finance tracking revolution. Seriously!
David M.
I easily keep up with my checking account with this app
Patty R.
Easy to understand, easy to use, basic, beautiful, functional
Brandi C.

Why should you manage your finances?

Shorten Expenses

90% of Spender users have shortened their expenses significantly

Predict Incomes

Planning budget allows to clarify goals and fulfil them

Increase Savings

Qualitative expenses tracking unavoidably leads to savings increasing

Fast Expense

Spender main screen is made so you can launch the app and save the expense you’ve just spent with a couple of taps. It takes about 3 seconds to save the expense with an average description. Each spending can be commented.


Your budget becomes totally clear with Spender. You get monthly statistic lists sorted by expenses groups or by days and daily spendings data. Set the limits for each category to control your expenses not to spend more than you want.

& Personalization

Set up your personal expenses and incomes categories, track and manage all money transactions.

App passcode and data encryption keep your finances 100% safe.


All app data is stored in cloud and available on any device

Web Statistics

Your personal comprehensive statistics are available on Spender.me


Hide your Spender data from curious eyes

Currency Convertor

Save expenses and icomes in any currency of the world


Customize expenses and incomes categories as you wish


Set expense's categories limits to control your budget


Add note or description while saving transaction

Current Balance

Control and edit your current balance


Save expenses and incomes outside of the app